The Nike SB Janoski Samples you never saw.


I love samples, the allure lies within seeing a glimpse into the machine of Nike and the path to the final product. We've seen this a lot more recently with Nike SB Dunk and most of the time, the release is better than what we were originally preview. While this design for the Janoski appears once it was scrapped was refined into what we knew as the P-Rod 4, it's still insightful to see it actually made it's way on a larger production scale than what we imagined with these new batch of colorways.

Growing up on Dunks, I remember for me is what defined the brand nearly 7 years ago before any team rider received a signature model. There was just something about the shoe that you couldn't deny. It's apparent to see that while the Dunk SB is going back to it's roots of simplistic colorways, the Janoski is this generations of skaters and shoe aficionado's alike goto Nike SB (insert 129 page thread). 

Todays launch Janoski (Obsidian) has sold for as much as $215 USD on the market that let alone is remarkable being the design is an original concept from James Arizumi, specifically designed for skateboarding. Where as the history of the Dunk and basketball root back to 1985. 

Seeing how we have the current design we're all familiar with as well these samples we're more than curious of seeing the missing iteration that Arizumi mentioned in an interview with Coolhunting.

We went through three different iterations and I'm talking fully flushed out designs that were ready for production. So that delayed the launch of the shoe and to be honest it almost didn't happen at all. Finally, really late in the game, I laid down a line drawing and Stefan called me and was like "this is it!," which is good because this was the last chance. Like I said, Stefan is hard to please, but it's only because he knows what he wants and doesn't settle for anything less. The rest of the process was just fine tuning the details.

Rolling the dice is never not pushing.

Photos via yoav

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