Is the Loden Dunk the first "Retro" from Nike SB?


Bearing a striking resemblance to the original Loden Dunk from 2002, this is the closest thing from Nike SB to fall under the category of a "Retro". We've heard from shops for sometime now that retro'ing SBs might see the light of day in an attempt to boost sales to the core accounts. This varies a slight bit from Kevin Imamura's (@kevinnikesb Nike SB PLM) original thoughts on the idea back in the early to mid 2000's.

From an interview with Bobby Hundreds:

> How do you feel about the Dunk backlash? Things like kids wearing t-shirts with the Dunk crossed outâ¦

I don't know what to say. If people don't like them, I guess they're not gonna wear them. But most of those people wearing those shirts are probably the ones that didn't get out of bed early enough to get in lines and get the shoes in the first place...or they don't wanna pay the money. We make these shoes for skateboarders. The collectors are screwing people out of a chance of getting them. The good skateshops will sell them to skaters for reasonable prices. We're not trying to support sneaker collectors, we're trying to support skateboarding. The whole basis of this program is for skateboarding, not so we can make triple the amount of prices off these shoes.

Nike skateboarding is about progression and developing good skate shoes. If all we're about is reissuing retro shoes, there's already a division of Nike that does that, and they do a great job of that. We're trying to do new shoes, come up with new technology, do things that will benefit skateboarders.

While the last sentance of the quote holds true (Zoom FP, Koston 1s, Omars), in the time of an economic recession with e-commerce thriving anything to help keep shops afloat can't really be frowned upon. With the core SB consumer being an avid sneaker collector the outcome of resale dying because of retro's is uncertain. However, the impressive numbers the Jordan Concords did this past week provides some hope.

A follow up article from Bobby Hundreds illustrating a timeline of Nike SBs progression to now -  "SLAM DUNK".

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