Alex Olson on Nike SB

The rumor mill seems to be right again: Alex Olson will be the new team member for Nike SB. Olson was released by Vans late last year and had been spotted wearing Janoksi's on several occasions. However, he was not announced alongside Sean Malto as the newest member (which could've countered the big announcement DC made when they aquired Mike Mo and Nyjah Huston) This left some space for doubt but today on his Crailtap blog Ben Colen tells us that Koston and Olson will share not only their board sponsor, but their shoe sponsor as well.

"Internet beef is so 2011. Double teammates in the oh-12."

Koston and Olson had a heated internet debate over Alex expressing his negative feelings about The Berrics through his Tumblr. The hatchet seems to have been buried a while ago (they have been together on filming trips for the new Girl/Chocolate video) and Koston might have even helped his team mate to get a spot on the stacked Nike squad. All there's left now is the official announcement that Alex has joined the Swoosh.

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