5Boro Skate Team - Join or Die Video For Free Online - New York City


Some of you might have heard of 5boro before. They put together a hardcore shred the street video and it is just shy of twenty-five minutes in length. "In an era dominated by one-trick schoolyard stunts, raw street skating has become that much more special. " Get stoked about your favorite part and trick and then go hit the streets with loving force.

Our European and Scandinavian skate audience is no doubt used to rugged streets like that of New York City. When a skate friend from Finland visited me over the recent Christmas break, he commented, "You guys have smooth streets everywhere." I asked him even the street we are on now, commenting how rough it is, and how it sucks to skate on. He replied that he would take the worst of our streets any day over the streets he is used to skating on in Finland. Having traveled and skated in Scotland, Sweden, and Denmark, I know where he is coming from.

When Bay Area skaters visit New York for the first time, they usually have to adapt to the cracked and cobbled streets. Paul Rodriguez, who is used to the smooth streets of Los Angles, recently expressed after time spent skating in New York that he finds it "hard to skate there" due to the "rough and rugged" street terrain and it is "so much harder than the guys make it look in the videos." Talking about iconic New York skatespots, Rodriguez relays his newfound respect for the New York skate scene and its local skaters, who make things seem so easy. Watch the 5Boro Join, or Die video and see how the locals kill it like Rodriguez mentions. The video has a superb mixture of music from rap, hip-hop, hard rock, and classic rock from renown music artists such as Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Dire Straits, and the Rolling Stones. If one wishes, they can download the full video by following this link (Right click save as...).

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