Vans City Pack Japan Limited



The Vans city pack is back, this time various citys of Japan have been the selected source of inspiration behind the latest editions. Vans has a history of city pack inspired colorways, this year Japan is the metropolis that has fueled the newest colorways for the 2012 Vans City Pack.  A Tokyo Chukka, Hakata Era, and Sendai Slip has been released in limited quantities. All three models of the shoes share a colorway and design that features all corduroy uppers, with reversed color blocking on the Left and Right shoes of Navy, Deep Red, Earth Brown, and Sand. A leather trim and leather laces with a Natural Gum midsole are the accenting highlights that put these shoes over the edge with style. Pics sourced via web.

To further discuss and share opinions on the topic check out our thread here in the forums. More Pics after the jump.


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