Nj Skateshop X Nike Sb Hemp Unreleased Sample


It isn't everyday we get to see a pair of unreleased samples, let alone unreleased samples of older Nike Sbs. Its nice to say the least to be able to get a peak at what could have been, and this is certainly one of the most rare Nike Sb Dunk samples out there.

The shoes themselves are carbon copies of the Cascade Hemp Dunk Lows with an Nj Skateshop twist. Nj's classic logo can be found etched into the hemp on the side of either shoe. While these may at first glance appear to be a custom job, its been confirmed that these are actual look see samples produced by Nike.

These samples are 1 of 1s and wont be going anywhere anytime soon as they are in possession of Nj Skateshop (rightfully so). These pics serve to document this sample as it has slipped between the cracks of the sneaker world.

Pics sourced via Alex Patakos, courtesy of Nj Skateshop.

More pics after the jump.

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