Nike BMX Dunk Gyrizo and uniforms

After the success of the SB line and appearance of snowboard boots, is Nike turning to BMX for its latest venture into less-conventional sports? Well not really, since this range has been produced for the Olympic team at the Bejing games – Nike is involved in the design of products for all sports the US team is participating in, including the new addition of BMX. Story continues and more pics below Source: SlamXHype Discuss in the forum The sneaker, named the Nike Dunk Gyrizo after the Greek word for wheel, according to Nike, "looks like a dunk, but acts like Lance’s cleat". Under the dunk-inspired outer is a plate that transfers power as the rider puts pressure on the pedals. The strap keeps the laces away from the wheels and the outsole has been designed with a wide BMX pedal in mind. Kevlar has been integrated into the areas of the shoe that experience most wear to increase durability. But it's not all technical bike stuff, the midsoles are thin rubber so the riders can actually walk in the things. When it comes to the clothing, the pieces have been specially crafted with the sport and requirements of the riders in mind. The original uniforms were too lightweight for the riders, so Nike not only relined them but also played about with the materials so that they offered more protection at 35% less of the weight of the original concepts. Design-wise it may look as if Nike has accommodated for the riders to jump straight out of bed onto their saddles in patriotic pyjamas, but the inspiration comes from 1980s styles such as checkerboards and the Comp 3 tyre tread. Designed by Bob Haro, the pants include messages to competitors, like "C-Ya!", printed on the seat. Nike kept the design of the BMX threads different from the rest of the US team kits to reflect the differing, individual and unique nature of BMX.
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