Battle of the Fits

It's that time of year when people are buying new gear, new kicks, or even new accessories for the start of a new school year or bringing in a new fall line! Here's your chance to see how well your new "get-up" stacks compared to everyone else

Enter Here. Were aren't making this "East Coast vs. West Coast" but better yet, "Atlantic Ocean vs. Pacific Ocean." Whichever ocean is closer to you, and you want to get in and participate in this Back to School outfit battle. Just respond to this thread with your "username and which Ocean you are claiming." We are selecting the first "25" members for each Ocean making it a total of 50 competitors!!

If you're familiar with our "famous NSB-64" bracket for the NCAA March Madness, this will work similar to that with a few minor changes.

The bracket format for every round will match Atlantic vs. Pacific with single round elimination. As you advance through to each round, you'll be required to provide a newly tagged outfit picture to the bracket coordinator. (to be announced) N-SB.ORG members will vote on which member's outfit they want to pass through to the next round.
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