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Nike SB stands for Nike Skateboarding, Nike's successful 3rd attempt to venture into the world of skateboarding. While a majority of their business comes from sneaker collectors the core and direction of the brand is skateboarding.

Nike SB X Air Jordan 1 - New Tear Away Colors

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The lance mountain Jordan 1 Sb has now been officially unveiled. This time, two Jordan 1 Nike Sb's will make up the collection.Each pair appears to utilize similar tech to the Liberty Nike Sb Dunk Highs that feature a wear away colorchange.
Hacky Sack

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Our buddy from the Facebook Josue Renderos was lucky enough to catch these first. 6 new images added.Supossedly these are dropping 4/26, though we have not been able to confirm if these will be available on CCS, Nike.com, etc
Nike Sb X Black Sheep Dunk High Teaser

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Powerhouse Black Sheep skateshop based out of North Carolina is teaming up with Nike Sb for a very special dunk high.While the shoes have yet to be unveiled, the packaging for the kicks has and that alone is stirring up some hype.

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In conjuction with today's release, we found it fitting to post this video of Nike SB interviewing Craig Stecyk and Lance Mountain - both who collaborated on the shoe.If you look closely around :20 - :26 and :34, you will notice two different colorways.
Nike SB Lunar Gato World Cup Pack

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In celebration of this year’s upcoming World Cup, Nike SB has released a number of their Lunar Gato skate kick featuring color schemes representing the host country Brazil, France, Holland, and England.