Eric Koston mad at Alex Olson for hating on The Berrics

Pro Skater Alex Olson made a big mistake on Tumblr. He broke the first rule of The Berrics. What rule is that you ask?

The Berrics Handbook Rule no.1: Thou shall not talk shit about The Berrics or its founders. If you do, we will take it personal.

Rules to live by ladies and gentlemen. We speak from our own experience. We were once on the receiving end of some angry emails from Berrics founder Steve Berra (see: Love Letters With Steve Berra). Today there's a new victim. Alex Olson has a Tumblr, which also features the popular 'Ask Me Anything' option. Ask Alex a question, and he gives you a (very short) answer. A guy with the username 'jimhasangerissues' asked if Olson ever browses The Berrics. Alex answered: 'no not never…. you should too'.

This didn't fare well with Berrics founder (and Alex' team mate on Girl) Eric Koston. Koston posted a screenshot of the question and answer on his Instagram and replied as follows:

Really Alex @olsonstuff? U consciously posted this? Do u remember when we used to skate The Berrics and have FUN? When was the last time you genuinely had fun?? When was the last time you weren't a BITTER LITTLE SPOILED FUCKIN' BRAT??? That's fine, you don't like The Berrics I get it. But I'm not gonna sit here and let YOU INVALIDATE ALL THE COUNTLESS HOURS OF HARD WORK THAT STEVE AND OUR EMPLOYEES DO 7 DAYS A WEEK, TO KEEP THE SITE RUNNING! Believe it or not Alex, myself and Steve's main purpose with The Berrics, is for the greater good of skateboarding in a whole. I plan on using the 25 years of experience as a skateboarder, to help skateboarding grow for as long as I possibly can. The Berrics is one of the outlets that's going to help me achieve that goal. So if you think for a second that you and you're shitty fuckin' tumblr blog is going to STOP US? YOU'RE CLEARLY MISTAKEN. Instead of spending time and energy trying to tear us down, why don't you focus it on that professional skateboard career that you've manage to neglect for the past 3 years. You've earned a great opportunity, don't waste it.

Berra himself also replied, on Twitter, with a sarcastic ' awwwwww.... :(' When later asked on his Tumblr what the deal between him and The Berrics was Olson replied: 'Nothing I just don’t like that site'. Koston also voiced his opinion on Twitter: 'With "friends" like @olsonstuff, who needs enemies?'

Quite a response on a simple comment that without this response probably would't have gone beyond Olson's Tumblr followers. And since both are team mates (and the world of pro skateboarding isn't that big) we imagine that Koston probably has Olson's phone number or e-mail so they can settle their differences in private. Instead, Koston takes it public and starts ranting and raving on his Instagram account in a way that would make Steve Berra proud. Is Berra teaching masterclasses on how to respond like a douche to negativity on the internet or is Berra ghostwriting for Koston?

If this was indeed Koston, who thus far only has replied to Berrics 'hate' with a simple 'Fuck Your Face', he is following in the footsteps of his business partner. It's the exact same rant as Berra give all the time. 'We do so much for skateboarding', 'our employees are working so hard', 'it's not about money' etcetera. Heard it all before from a different mouth. Honestly, we kinda have a hard time believing this was actually Koston going completely insane after one little remark from a colleague that doesn't like his shit. We would have like to ask Eric for some comments but he has blocked our Twitter account (yeah, they really love us at The Berrics)

It's almost scary how protective The Berrics crew is about their business. Every comment, tweet or blog is read and analyzed. A while ago blogger Dan Watson from YouWillSoon (who also has a 'bad' history with The Berrics) said something about Steve and Eric's company in an interview with Kream magazine. His comment was fuel to the fire of Berra who took it as inspiration for his 'speech' that introduced the new Berrics website (more on that here)

The crew at The Berrics kinda reminds me of guys that are closet homosexuals but are scared that people to find out, so they try to cover themselves by bashing gay people as much as possible. The Berrics are so incredibly paranoid about what people are saying about them that they come out guns blazing to defend themselves. It's like they never heard about the fact that when you do something, people will hate. When you do something big, more people will hate. Not being able to handle any form of critisism and responding to it in extreme ways are trades most people associate with dictators. It also brings up the question if they're hiding something. Is it really all just for the love of skateboarding?

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