Dicks Sporting Goods to Become New Nike SB Dealer?


Today we bring to you news that sporting goods chain Dicks Sporting Goods has begun to carry certain Nike SB apparel and shoes. Some of these models include janoskis, kostons, and the new P-Rod 7s. 

Sadly, I can't say we didn't see this coming. With shops like Pac Sun and Zumiez getting more and more SBs, it was only a matter of time until the next step into other retail stores was made. General release janoskis are everywhere now; even on Nikestore.com. 

Needless to say it's not very likely that Dicks will get quickstrikes or even dunks any time soon, but it does seem hypocrital of Nike's "support your local skateshop/skate every damn day" slogans aimed at core skaters. This quote from rippedlaces.com gives good insight into why being able to sell dunk SBs won't help local shops profit as much when you can go buy other pro models from a variety of big name stores.

"We’ve learned that skate shops would be able to stick with the exclusivity of the elusive Nike Dunk but as we’ve come to learn, it was simply a ploy to show some type of fair ground between shop owners and chains. Skate shops became reliant on the overwhelming wealth that all Nike skateboarding pro models were bringing in & overnight, lost those same models to most mall stores you can think of. Nike remains one of the top sellers for most skate shops and honestly, helps keep their doors open. Reneging on their exclusivity rights infringes on the overall health of local skate shops and as a result many shops have had to close their doors."

What do you think Nike of selling part of the SB line in Dicks? Let us know your feelings below.

Pics ripped laces via The forums.

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