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We here at N-SB have the privilege to work with up and coming brands that we feel our members will be interested in.

In turn, we are starting a new segment titled "Next Up" which will feature short interviews of up and coming brands, giving them a platform to present themselves to the N-SB community.

That said, we bring to you the inaugural "Next Up" article featuring a brand that I personally support - Waters & Army. Take some time to read the short interview below, take a sneak peek at their upcoming line with the images above and familiarize yourself with a brand that is already more popular than you know....


Agenda - Long Beach, CA

I had been chatting with the guys from Waters and Army for a few weeks before I met up with them at Agenda. I was stoked to finally meet their crew in person, and even more stoked to substantiate my notion that they were a legit skate company backed by legit guys who do not only skate, but share 30+ combined years in the skate, apparel, and footwear industries.

Based in New York City, the brand itself is East coast centric. Two of the three owners hail from NY and NJ.

Waters and Army is the realization of what they wanted to see in a brand and started off as a tiny offering of decks, hats, and tees to select a-tier skate shops in late 2011.

The brand's name pays homage to the bicoastal epicenters of 90's skateboarding - Third and Army in San Francisco and Waters Street in New York City.

When asked about the upcoming Fall 2013 line, the guys are super stoked and say it has "Everything or nothing to do with skateboarding".

The brand pulls inspiration from everywhere in life - Finding inspiration in everything from music, dogs, liquor bottles, Stanley Kubrick movies and much more. "Not to sound cliché, but we also pull alot of references from 90's fashion".

When asked to describe the brand, co-owner, Chase Whitaker, chuckled and said "It's for us, we're not re-inventing the wheel, we're just having fun and making product we would use and wear ourselves."

You can check out their in-progress website for video content featuring Supreme/Nike SB/ Waters and Army flow ripper Tony Durao destroying NYC here.

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