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If you have been following Nike SB for awhile you may remember the original Send Help dunk designed by artist Todd Bratrud. The sneaker became an issue of controversy at the time because it was according to Bratrud the sneaker was interpreted by a sales person from Nike marketing as the Consolidated Dunk. Todd Bratrud at the time was an artist at the company and Consolidated happened to be the folks behind the famous "Don't Do It" campaign. Here's what Bratrud said in an interview with the folks from Faux Ami.


There are a lot of rumors around that consolidated got mad about you using the same colors as the Consolidated cube. Maybe you can clear the fog?

It started happening as a sales person at Nike called it or said something about Consolidated and Nike doing a project together - and that turned to this whole big thing - Consolidated got all upset about that.


So were you choosing the color combination because of your all time favorite skate shoe, the Airwalk Prototype model "Bruiser?

Consolidated does not even know that. At that point I don't wanted getting Nike and Consolidated in any more trouble so I left the whole Bruiser thing out of it - but there is a bunch of reasons why I chose these colors. There is a comic book called "The MAX" with a character, a burgular wearing a black blue and white scarf who is one of the first persons you see getting killed in the comic.(the shoes were originally supposed to come with a scarf) And I wanted so much to have this kind of scarf.


Needless to say, this didn't sit too well with Consolidated. This spawned as series of parodies replacing the Nike Swoosh with a banana, and the fruitful "Consolidated Drunks" were born. Now in 2013 a follow up to this sneaker is set to release.

The Send Help 2 is created around Todd Bratrud's skateboard company Send Help. The release will co-inside with an apparel line which will include a football jersey, hats, and tees. You may remember Bratrud's former company "the HIGH 5" was launched as a project with Nike SB which budded on 4/20 in 2010 with the Skunk Dunk SB. It quickly was put on hiatus after legal threats from a company with a similar name.

Featuring a unique contrast of colors, purple elephant print and a neon sole. This should be releasing as a quickstrike shortly. A proper follow up to the original? Sound off below.

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