Barber Dunk High: A Closer Look


The  "Barber" dunk high features a black suede upper, contrasting white accents, an all gum midsole, and the image of a hair clipper reading "Fly" and "Since 1999 followed by some Chinese writing.  The right insole also includes a very detailed Nike swoosh made out of hair. The left insole is plain white and includes a swoosh and "Nike SB".  The laces clearly represent the "Barber's Poles" at barber shops.

After a good amount research on the collab I think I finally figured it out.  At first I though it was that Barber Shop/Skate Shop ran by Myke Reyes and Willy Santos. When I saw "Fly" and the chinese writing, it clicked that in 1999 Jeff Han founded Fly Streetwear, the first skateshop in Shanghai.  Fly very quickly became one of the major retailers and distributors of counterfeit, stolen and factory leak skateboard and street culture brands in China, a position it maintains to this day.

Still no definite release date but enjoy these detailed pics and stay tuned for this 10.5 pair in the marketplace.

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