Chi McBride DUNKLE/Air Force 1 hybrid method (AF1 Sole)

As head of the Nike Innovation Kitchen, you can imagine Chi McBride diving into a vault full of shoes some people would kill for and rolling around with a huge grin on his face. However, it would appear that he actually does something slightly more productive with the contents of the vaults he has access to. This hybrid marries the DUNKLE,'s favourite Dunk High (you voted it there, remember), and the Air Force 1. Keeping true to the Dunk's original silhouette, McBride has kept the upper the same but added the chunky AF1 sole. But before you get too excited, this shoe is 1 of 1. He made it for himself. Because he can. Don't try and say you wouldn't do the same. Source: Vulcan The Krusader Tim Weissberg
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