Legit Check - Shoe Tags

As part of our continuing guide on spotting fake Nike SB shoes, we present a comparison of legitimate and fake Nike SB shoe tags from various SB Dunks from the past 5 years. These are crucial for determining whether or not your purchasing an authentic sneaker, drop any concerns or questions in the comments. Also before making a purchase make sure you check out our Legit Check forum (registered members only).

Check the barcode is touching the number or not (from human eyes look its touching), the font too will helps to decipher when a pair is fake or not.

There is a certain standard font if you notice that all sbs come in, all jordans come in, air maxes, etc etc. Each type of shoe has their specific type of font to look at and as at today the people that mass produce fake shoes haven't caught on to the type of font there is for sbs and others.

The 2nd way beside checking the barcode is touching or not (from human eyes look its touching), are to check the upper case letter Q in FABRIQUE, the tail should start inside the opening, the fakes start at the outer edge.

3rd the C in the copyright symbol should be a serif font while the fake is a sans serif. Made in China is the wrong font. Plus, look at the stitching that hold the label fake looks cheap in quality, more loose.

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