Skateboard Saturday

Congratulations, you've managed to survive another week of school/work. It's the weekend, time to use your well deserved time off for things you truly love. Things like skateboarding. Here at N-SB we try to inspire you to go out and skate this weekend with a selected videopart. Check out this week's selection after the jump.

As many of you will know the new Habitat video 'Origin' will premier worldwide next week. The video will feature new parts from team members as well as classic footage from the early Habitat days. Check out the Habitat site to see where Habitat riders will attend premiers and remember, you can buy the video on DVD or iTunes on the 18th. To celebrate Habitats third video we dug in the vault and found this classic part from Habitat OG Fred Gall from the Habitat section in Alien Workshop's Photosynthesis video. Enjoy and go out and skate!
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