Does freezing shoes work?


It's the myth we have at some point heard for awhile, theoretically bacteria cannot survive in freezing tempuratures. Therefore, placing your shoes overnight in the freezer will eliminate the odor. These SBTG's have been through a lot so I figured they would be perfect to put to the test.

Does it work? the short answer- Not really

Although initially when you remove the sneakers they wont have a smell at all, this fades away usually within an hour or so. Keeping them in overnight in a freezer bag only slows the growth.

The long answer- It helps, but with preparation

The ultimate way beginning is to remove the insoles and put your sneakers through the wash a few times with some bleach and detergent. You can gauge from each wash where they exactly stand. Once washed dry them out, with or without a dryer depending on humidity etc.. 

The next step is to add some baking soda in the insole and then place them in the freezer overnight, (the longer the better). Finally when its all said and done throw some odor eater insoles in the sneaker.

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